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It was a scout who discovered my appeal for modeling and acting. Modeling and acting is not just a job for me. As soon as I put on the clothes of a fashion designer or slip into an actor's role, I begin to embrace it with a sense of passion, happiness and life. I never looked at myself as a model or an actor, yet I was given numerous offers from all sorts of scouts and agencies. At the same time I was on the search for an answer to the most central question: "the meaning of life?" One day while I was in the Hansestadt Hamburg, a photographer talked to me about a photo shooting. Shortly thereafter my Photos appeared in a magazine all throughout Germany. That was my first encounter with industry. In the mean while Angelico Ginzburg wrote about me in a worldly known "Sport & Street" magazine. ,,the most interesting faces in the fashion industry come from the heart of Europe At my work on the filmsets, i was getting allways good feeback from Berno Kürten, Sönke >>>

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